VYPER: Crime Has A New Enemy - Digital


Digital edition - A 48 page comic, inspired by synthwave music, serving as a homage to 80's movies/tv-series.

VYPER is an comic book set in a Los-Angeles 1985. We follow the adventures of Sloane Vyperini, a federal agent tasked with driving high-tech pacification vehicle codenamed: VYPER.

Serving alongside Sloane is Connie Devereaux, the inventor of VYPER, whom remotely operates the various weapon systems from a secret command centre.

In the story, we follow Sloane and his new partner, Detective Lopez, as the pair track down the drug lord which currently holds sway over the streets of Los Angeles.

What they uncover will resurrect ghosts from Sloane's past which culminates in an explosive story, filled with betrayal, car chases and martial arts mayhem!

Expect references to and homages of action movies of the 80's. Alongside this, there's a fair few laughs in here too.