Vanguard: Book One


Print Edition : 164 page

Vanguard: In the near future, a small team of genetically engineered metahumans defend our country's interests at home and abroad.

They are the Vanguard.

Set predominately in the UK, Vanguard is the story of a team of genetically enhanced metahumans employed by the British government to protect the nation's interests, at home and abroad. It is set in the not too distant future, where the world is becoming more politically and economically unstable. There are food riots, water and power shortages and a rising crime rate as day to day living becomes more of a struggle.

What starts as a simple rescue mission reveals a new, terrifying threat an unseen enemy, with a vast array of terrible weapons and access to seemingly unlimited resources.

Can our heroes uncover who they are and stop their diabolical machinations before the world is plunged into chaos?

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